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MagiCast Liquid has been designed to be a great alternative to ceramics for anyone who does not have a kiln.  It works in ANY plaster mold, but we prefer Petro Molds.

Here are some Advantages:

Lightweight! - MagiCast weighs a fraction of a comparable ceramic piece.  This is ideal for ornaments, refrigerator magnets, jewelry applications or anywhere that weight is a concern.

Strong! - MagiCast pieces are very rugged and strong.  They are impact resistant and are great for anything decorative.

Cost Effective! - Although MagiCast liquid costs more than ceramic slip, when you remove the cost of firing and kiln maintenance, each casting costs about the same as ceramics!

Safe! - MagiCast is safe for you and safe for the environment!  It is completely non-toxic and is made from 100% recycled paper products!  If broken, there are no sharp edges.

Versatile! - You can use your existing ceramic molds to pour MagiCast and switch back and forth as many times as you want without worrying about your molds!

Easy! - MagiCast is so easy, a child can use it.  That's why Montessori Guides,  Contemporary Studios, Homeschoolers, Art Teachers, and Art Therapists love using it!

Fun! - Children learn the entire casting process and a piece that they made themselves is much more meaningful.  It thins and cleans up with just water!

Patriotic! - We are very proud to say that MagiCast and all of it's components are made entirely in North America, employing American workers and helping our economy!

This is perfect for contemporary studios, camps, kid's projects, birthday parties, scouting events, campgrounds, jewelry, arts & crafts, war gaming, education, and much more!

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