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One nation, under God.2005 Colonial House
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Supplies by FashenHues

                A-104      Rust                                        A-145      Milk Chocolate                        S-11         Yellow
                A-105      Artic White                              AS-1        Antiquing Solution                   S-12         Orange
                A-106      Smoke Gray                              BL-1        Blending Media                       S-17         Black
                A-109      Black                                       C-1044    White Basecoat                       S-20         Red Brown
                A-123      Denim                                      K-405      Copper                                  S-23         Mediterranean
                A-131      Orange Fizz                              K-412      Sterling Silver                          S-36         Navy
                A-134      Jade                                        S-4           Jade                                    S-37         Hunter Green
                A-142      Vanilla                                      S-5           Blue Violet                                           Flat Matte
                A-144      Khaki                                       S-6           Carmel

General Directions: Basecoat entire piece with thinned White Basecoat making sure to reach all crevices and avoiding air bubbles.  When dry, apply a second coat at full strength.  Put a small amount of Blending Media on palette.  Tip a stiff bristle brush into Blue Violet then lightly into media, brush mix on palette then antique small sections.  If color appears too dark, immediately wipe back and use clean brush to stretch color a bit further.  If too light, add a touch of color to brush.  Only work in a 2” square wiping back highlights with soft cloth and Antiquing Solution.  Spray with Matte Spray when desired color has been reached then allow to dry thoroughly.


1.        Apply Black translucent tipped into Blending Media to cobblestones, door and roof in small sections wiping back highlights.  Spray set translucent.  Randomly drybrush cobblestones with Milk Chocolate, Smoke Gray, Denim and Rust.

2.        Use Hunter Green tipped into Blending Media for grass and shrubs wiping back highlights.  Spray set translucent.  Apply a 2nd coat.  With a clean brush, tip into Yellow and media to add highlights to grass and shrubs.  Wipe brush often to keep color bright.  When done with highlights, tip into Orange to randomly add some dark areas to grass.  With green brush, tip into Jade translucent to add some depth to grass color.  When desired color is reached spray set translucents.

3.        For stones on body of building, chimney stones, front door pad stones and base stones of side steps, apply Carmel tipped into Blending Media.  Wipe back highlights then spray set.  Lightly drybrush stones on body of building with Khaki then tip into Vanilla and very lightly highlight.  Drybrush top stones of side steps, ends of building and chimney with Smoke Gray then heavily tip into Artic White to drybrush these same areas.

4.        With Mediterranean and Blending Media, antique front walk stones and shrub vases.  Wipe back leaving color in crevices only.  Spray set.  When dry, apply Red Brown tipped into Blending Media to vases and front step stones.  Using same brush, drybrush same color on roof shingles.  Spray set.  Lightly drybrush highlights on steps and shingles with Rust tipped into Orange Fizz for desired highlight.

5.        Apply Mediterranean to wooden eaves and wipe highlight.  Spray set.  When dry apply a 2nd coat.  Use full strength color for all trim stones avoiding color in “grout” areas.  Spray set translucent and allow to thoroughly dry before handling.

6.        Use Navy tipped into Blending Media for front door and detail on dentil work.  Blot back highlights.  Spray set.  Evenly drybrush cornice dentil work and all window frames with Artic White.  This includes detail framework in and around door.  Use Black to paint door hardware, inset area of chimney, nail heads, roof cap and overhang roof.  Drybrush roof cap and overhang with Jade.  This is ‘patina’ of a ‘copper’ roof.  Spray entire building with Flat Matte or porcelain spray.

7.        Add final details to nail heads and door hardware with Sterling Silver.  Drybrush metallic areas on roof cap and overhang with Copper and Sterling Silver.  Glue on shrubs, enjoy!


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