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One nation, under God.1946 Museum
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This mold has no sign and is versatile enough to be a planetarium, opera house, court house, capitol building or anything else you can think up!

Mold # 1946 - Museum - $89.98

Supplies by Mayco
SS-2    Lemon Meringue         SS-130  Medium Gray             TL-106 Red Maple
SS-23  Mink                           SS-135  White                        TL-107 Antique Ivory
SS-48  Artichoke                    SS-138  Flat Black                  TL-113 Hyacinth Blue
SS-63  Black Forest               SS-210  Orange                       TL-123 Holiday Red
SS-80  Glorious Gold              SS-356 Wedgewood Blue        TL-129 Coal Gray
SS-82  Venetian Gold             SS-373 Brick Red                    AC-516 Porcelain Mist
SS-108 Light Gray                 TL-1 Walnut                           AC-520 Solvent
SS-125 Portrait                     TL-4  Black

General Directions: For painting ease, do not attach front pillars in greenware stage. Begin with properly cleaned and fired 06 bisque.  Thin down White and apply over entire piece to get into all detail.  When dry, apply another coat of undiluted White.  Allow to dry.  Apply Hyacinth Blue in small areas wiping back for highlights until entire piece is covered.  Dampen a soft cloth with Solvent to wipe back further highlights.  Spray with Porcelain Mist to set TL.  Reminder: In this technique, sometimes more than 1 coat of TL is necessary so between each coat, color must be sprayed in order not to lift first layer.


1.      Apply Black TL to the cobblestones, sidewalk, metal roof areas and very top of dome.  Wipe back with Solvent to achieve a gray-tone in cobblestones and sidewalk only.  Spray.  Randomly drybrush a few stones Light Gray, Mink, Brick Red and Wedgewood Blue.  Drybrush the sidewalk with Medium Gray then tip into White to highlight a worn path into doors and on edges. Lightly highlight cobblestones as well.

2.      Use 3 coats of Walnut for the doors.  After applying first coat wipe back highlight in center of the door towards handle.  Spray and continue applying remaining coats.  The handles are Flat Black.

3.      For the brick, apply 1 coat of Red Maple.  Spray.  Lightly drybrush brick with Holiday Red avoiding getting color into cracks.  Spray.  Drybrush brick with Brick Red leaving some areas not as evenly covered.  Tip into Orange to add random highlights then into White to highlight further.

4.      Apply Coal Gray all the stone trim and pillars.  Wipe pillars back both on the building and ones to be attached upon completion.  Spray.  Evenly drybrush all these areas with 1 coat of Light Gray.  Tip into White to add highlights.  For the pillars,  drybrush a bit heavier then tip into Portrait to add “blush” to the stone corners of building.  With this same brush, lightly stipple the top part of the stone trim on roof area.

5.      For the dome and interior window frames, apply 2 coats of Antique Ivory.  Spray.  Drybrush highlights with Lemon Meringue.  Heavily drybrush the medallions as well then tip into White to further highlight. 

6.      Paint the window trims and dome dividers with White.  Accent the window keystones and stone trim with Black Forest then highlight with Artichoke.  Paint the scroll detail on the front above door with Flat Black.  Spray.  Refer to photo for color placement.

7.      Trim out the pillars with Venetian Gold then with same color drybrush the metal roof area, top of dome and scroll detail.  Tip into Glorious Gold to highlight.


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